Completion of architecture and Kick-start Your Career

According to my three years of experience, what I am saying is about the environment here, especially in Erbil. It can change according to places and people.

Congratulations, it makes no difference whether you graduated from any architecture college, public or private or abroad. If you graduated from the first college or in droves, the working environment abroad is very different from college studies D has little benefit (according to the lessons I learned in 2014-2019, you may have improved now).

First of all, a graduate of architecture doesn't have to do only architecture, or do something related to design. You can do something that has nothing to do with architecture. Your comfort is the most important thing.

First of all, don't compare yourself with anyone. Some people have good opportunities, some go to work later, things vary according to places and people It may hurt you mentally, or make you feel inferior, but as I said, things are different and everyone takes their share of the world, so don't worry.

Types of jobs you can do with an architecture degree in the Kurdistan Region: Working in visualization (3D and rendering), drafting (2D work), working on project sites, graphic designer, working in interior design, furniture designer, working in companies Countertops, landscape designers (somewhat not common here yet), factories that manufacture or sell building materials, etc.

If you've decided what you want to do by the time you graduate from college, you'll be fine, because you can't be good at everything. You can be good at 2D or drafting. You can say I know everything and you can have experience in everything but you will never become a professional.

Pre-Graduation / Summer Training

Working in architecture usually starts with summer internships after completing the third year of college. You can go to work somewhere paid or volunteer during the summers of the first and second years Engineer your internship. After the period with the internship, try to continue with them when you go back to college at least once or twice a week to isolate yourself from the environment . . . .

After graduation

Usually after graduation you start looking for a place to work and send your CV, do not submit your CV and portfolio everywhere, especially women, the fact is there are many job opportunities here and there There are many engineering agencies that publish and sponsor job opportunities just for fame and showing off. They have a lot of CVs but they don't hire anyone. It is better to know their quality and work background Most agencies don't want an architect for a month or two to get a new job and then run it (it's good for beginners if the agency is of good quality).

The most important thing is to strengthen your relationships with people around you who work in the field. The jobs you get through relationships are much more than you get with a CV How many times have I worked in places where they want to add someone? They first tell their employees that they know someone to do the job.

You can let your friends know that they are currently working somewhere if there is an opportunity. It is better than waiting until you see a job and send in a CV.

Another important point I would like to emphasize is that you decide for yourself what you like to do. If you are doing visualization (3D and rendering), you can do it at home. Working on project sites requires experience. You must have worked in the office or on site, especially supervision. You cannot learn at home. You have to go to the site There is a lot of fatigue, a lot of responsibility, a lot of problems, so you cannot gain experience unless you are in the situation.

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